"All we have discovered is that it starts with a single individual - always a child - and then spreads explosively, like the formation of crystals round the first nucleus in a saturated solution." Arthur C. Clarke (Childhood's End, 1953)


Welcome to our small-molecule X-ray crystallography facility. We offer a broad variety of services at competitive prices, and we do accept samples from both academic and non-academic institutions (a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement can be made on request). For non-JHU users, you can contact the X-ray facility manager at xray@jhu.edu so that an estimate of your needs can be made. Price listing can be obtained on request via email. We are also eager for scientific collaborations.

For further details, please see our submission page here. A typical data package for a test crystal (sucrose) is available free of charge here.

For a recent list of publications, please click here.


Our customer service policy is simple: our attitude is friendly, respectful and professional. All of our customers (JHU and non-JHU) receive equal treatment. We provide expertise, quality results and prompt feedback on samples. Our service can be tailored according to your needs.


  • Crystals of organic, inorganic, organometallic and coordination compounds
  • Relatively air/moisture/temperature sensitive samples
  • Inspection for crystal quality (under polarizing stereo microscope and N2 cold stream for unstable samples)
  • Searches for known compounds in the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD)
  • Low-T data collection (110 K, Mo Kalpha radiation) with relatively high redundant data (3-6)
  • Temperature dependence (T-range: 90-300 K) of the cell dimensions/structure via a semi-automatic procedure
  • Data collection temperature can be selected from 90 to 300 K if necessary (ΔT = ± 1 K)
  • Record a jpeg movie of the crystal sample (crystal face indexing)
  • Analytical numeric absorption correction using a multifaceted crystal model
  • Structure solution & refinement
  • Ordered, disordered, twinned, high-Z', pseudosymmetric, commensurately modulated structures
  • Absolute structure determination for enantiopure compound including at least one Silicon atom (or heavier)
  • Other areas of interest: polymorphism (polymorph screening), solid-solid phase transitions, solvates/co-crystals
  • Final report including the edited cif file, an experimental report, ORTEP plot(s), data files, etc.
  • Advice/consultancy/analyses on structural results